How to cut Roller blinds in London

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What are roller blinds?

Roller blinds are just like any other blinds, you see slots stacked side by side with the same design as the familiar ones. These slats can provide you with effective heat insulation or give you more control over the light that enters through the window.

These blinds are available in a variety of material choices including wood, natural fabrics, and synthetic materials with different levels of opacity. While getting roller blinds in your home, you can choose the material for these blinds based on your requirements preferences.

These blinds have roller mechanisms that use pull up and down to the blinds. Overall these types of blinds are perfect for your home or office use.

How to cut a roller blind

Cutting a roller blind is very simple as long as you take the right measurements. By spreading the blinds and marking the dimensions you need, you can ensure that your blinds are cut to fit your window.

When it comes to cutting a roller blind, you should use sharp scissors and we will give you full instructions on how to cut roller blinds perfectly. How to cut roller blinds is a creative process. It has an eye for detail and precise calculations. You should use your skills and achieve the best results.

The following are some suggestions on how to cut a roller blind:

Lay the roller blinds flat

Place a piece of clean cardboard on a flat surface and loosen the blinds. Check that the roller blind material is placed near or on top of the cardboard with its round top.

Fix the brackets

Fix the blinds in the desired position of the window. This way roller blinds can be installed immediately instead of lying on the floor.

Make the measurements

Measure from one outside edge to the other outside edge brackets and then record the measurements. Decrease from bracket to bracket dimensions approximately 2 to 3 mm. But if the roller blinds go into the gap, 1 cm will suffice for a better fit. Be sure to consider the width of the brackets when determining the amount to trim from the blinds.

Make the mark

Place one side of the measuring tape over the roller blinds. Scroll the tape to the desired length of the roller blinds and mark several places with a marker. Create a straight line with a marker, following the marked areas on the width of the roller blinds.

Make the cut

Now cutting roller blinds is very easy. Slowly cut the roller blinds along to the marked line to the rod. Do the cutting in a straight line. Use sharp scissors to ensure safety and perfectness when cutting the blinds.

Trimming off

Trim the excess materials from the edges of roller blinds, it can be a more polished finish.

Now that you know how to cut the roller blinds and hang them. Curtains London offers the measurement and installation services of its bespoke blinds and luxury curtains. Our advisors also inform you how to cut roller blinds and each detail of how to hang them.