How to hang Roman Blinds in London homes

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Roman blinds are fabric blinds that hang flat. When drawn up, the blind makes an array of horizontal folds, the highest part of the blind covering all the folds. Here at London Curtains, we offer a sidewinder mechanism for raising and lowering Roman blinds.

Typically these blinds are installed in the window recess and outside the window recess or fixed into the window frame.

The following points will determine how to hang these blinds that are especially useful for homeowners who have purchased these window treatments on online sites. Anybody who wants to hang roman blinds just keeps these points in your mind.

Decide where to hang them

To hang your new sidewinder blind, place the brackets on the opposite side of the wall or window frame and mark the surface with bracket fixing points. Brackets should be placed at each end of the header and spread as wide as required.

Use a spirit level to confirm the brackets are level. Once you are happy that the brackets are in the correct position, pre-drill the screw holes and then use a manual screwdriver to screw the brackets on. The title should now slot into brackets.

Before learning how to hang roman blinds, keep in these important points while hanging roman blinds.

1. Check with the manufacturer for specific headlines for the blind. Most blinds come with Velcro-type headings, which cover the top 1-2 inches blinds; Measure the fastening from the top of the blinds, which will cover a few millimetres above the windowsill.

2. Allow a few millimetres to allowance of their or both sides to the blinds for Venetian purposes.

3. If you want to prevent light from entering the room, place blinds outside the space. Check if the window frame can bear the weight of the Roman shades.

4. In the case of a deep window frame or window sill, place the blinds inside.

Hanging with an interior mount

Fix the blinds in the desired position of the window. This way roller blinds can be installed immediately instead of lying on the floor.

These blinds are hung through the interior mount but it means adding ‘ceiling portion’ shades to the window frame. Conversely, an external mount means attaching shades to the 'walls' of the window frame, which can be left or side windows.

Hang your Roman blinds, there are more steps available. Inspect the frame and blinds, mark them, and install brackets and blinds.

Hanging with an exterior mount

In the case of an external mount, keep these points in mind. First, check if the blinds are large enough to cover the entire window with a 4-8 inch allowance on all four sides. Second, check that the fitting is correct with the wall above the window and window sills.

If you shop roman blinds in curtains London, we offer you a wide range of roman blinds and curtain collections. Our advisor's teams help you to know how to hang them and their merits and demerits while hanging them.