Interior style: urban London Curtain industrial

Urban interior design combines elements of contemporary, modern, and industrial design to create a unique style suitable for city-city life. Urban design warehouses with softer and more comfortable looking than industrial design styles adopt house transitions and loft environments as their foundation. We creates most of the functional and practical living areas. Major architectural features of the urban design include exposed beams, unfinished surfaces, and materials such as concrete, brick, and wood. Featured urban design elements with clear open space, light colors, and clean finishes include smooth and large furniture, thin stripes, vintage decor, geometric designs, and a color palette with a neutral base with colors reminiscent of nature.

Urban interior design elements and decorative ideas

The room you work in is influenced by your particular style choice - more casual and quiet elements in the bedroom, more different elements in the living room. Here London Curtains provides some important urban design elements and urban style decorating ideas to help you achieve this look in your home.

Urban style flooring

Wood and stone flooring lay the perfect foundation for an urban-inspired interior London Curtains design style. Designed according to the latest interior design trends, Tarkett's wood collections and natural-looking wood and stone patterned vinyl collections give you access to urban style flooring options.

Comfortable furnishing

Harder than urban competitors, urban design interior furniture is softer and more comfortable. Rugs made from natural materials with warm tones, natural colored throats, pillows, and large, comfortable sofas create a warm and relaxed space. Create an earthy look by choosing comfortable pieces in earthy tones like shades of green, brown, and yellow, or choose statement pieces in those luxury fabrics like velvet sofa in bright colors for a more attractive look.

Contrasting and complementary materials

Soft furniture can be combined with contrasting but complementary materials, such as metal railings on staircases, gold and bronze picture frames, and metal framed mirrors.

Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are very much included in urban interior designs. Patterned rugs, large works of art, floor-to-ceiling window curtains, vintage ornaments, and furniture add interest and structure to an urban oasis. Including one or two statement pieces adds a chic, industrial aspect to your space, yet maintains a minimalist experience.