Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds of London Curtains

Roller blinds are available in the UK for most domestic and commercial applications as well as for lightweight and heavy-duty systems.

London Blinds gives the perfect roller blinds with high quality. We offer a wide range of traditional and designer fabrics selected from suppliers across the UK.

Flame retardant for many fabrics, including ranges with solar protection coatings to improve solar performance. Quality flame retardant and blackout fabrics are appreciated.

The standard roller blind is manufactured using a 32mm diameter aluminum tube which is available in popular cordless or the convenient spring system.The heaviest fabric roller blinds we recommended the heavy-duty system 45, this can lift to 10kg.

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The spring lock roller blinds system has been developed to provide better performance in window blind sizes, fabric weights, and thickness.A spring unit is also available for system 32 applications where it is considered more suitable.

London Curtains offer eight style trims: Classic, Colonial, Provence, Castile, Temple, Crest, Arches, and Islets. Ten types of braid are used in harmonizing colors to enhance the blind finish.

There are a variety of fabric treatments available including blackout roller blinds UK, dim-out products, heat reflective, and flame retardant materials. Also energy solar protection and anti-glare protective coating fabrics.

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The roller blind known as the office curtain helps in the modernistic needs of any office. These are used in offices but nowadays it’s widely used in home also.With the modern translucent, screen, and black-out fabrics you can adjust the sunlight to your liking up to the tricks.

Different color shades are used to make it more bright and beautiful.Blackout roller blinds UK is the best option to block the noise and light and offer you the ultimate window covering.

These blinds are available in exceptional design and superior quality. The double roller product also known as duplex blinds which allow an open or closed position relating to the sheer or solid texture of the fabric.The open and closed effect comes up or down through the movement of the shadow. Our designer Duplex Blind gives you a better roller blind system that controls light and privacy.

Special features

• Easily operated
• Highly durable
• Buyer friendly
• More flexible

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