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Stripes and checks come in a variety of colors, from natural narrow stripes to bold designs and beautiful pastels. The check curtains work well and can be used as blinds and cushions. You could also use them as curtains into your room windows. If you are using small checks then a narrow stripe fabric will work best. In living rooms what will you choose depends on your style and taste. If you want a more traditional look, choose a tartan fabric in red and green, which will create an attractive experience for your room. Use for curtains and pillows, or as an upholstery fabric for a statement chair in the bedrooms, you can probably choose a stripe fabric in a neutral color palette, which will create a serene experience. You can use these stripes for curtains, blinds, or bed linen.

If you want to create a Scandinavian feel to your room, the stripe is fit for that feel. Especially if you choose red and white fabrics which will bring a rustic feel to your scheme.

When you have selected your stripe fabric or check fabric you will need to select your colors for the rest of the room. Using different stripes and tested fabrics for the collection of cushions works well as long as you make sure they are from the same color palette. Use one of these fabrics in your window treatment and then keep the rest of the scheme plain curtains.

The collection of stripes and check curtains are close to children. Explore a wide range of kids' striped curtains on London Curtains. You will also find plenty of options for children’s curtains on easy blinds and curtains in London.

Special Features

•Create a scandinavian feel to your room
•Create a serene experience

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