Velvet and Chenilles Curtains

Velvet and Chenilles Curtains of London Curtains

Velvet and chenille curtains are both extremely versatile and popular upholstery fabrics. Our ranges of chenille curtains provide timeless elegance for your room. The intricate weave of the curtain material and neutral colors portray an understanding of sophistication that will blend into your decor.

Ideal for rooms that already have a neutral color scheme, or need a background tone to accentuate your more vibrant color scheme, our chenille curtains will give your room the perfect atmosphere.

Our chenille curtains will suit all tastes. The advanced curtain rails give you the ability to choose the best fit for your room to create a uniquely personal look.

Depending on what you are looking for, our different linings for our curtains allow you to get the best night's sleep or attractive rooms. If you are struggling to sleep at night with eye-catching lights or need to sleep during the day, our blackout lining provides dark rooms at all times and ensures you the best chance of shaking.

Transform your space for relaxation with velvet curtains

If you always feel like you have cold rooms and cold floors, a thick thermal lining will reduce the heat lost from your windows and give you comfortable rooms during the long winter months.

All Our velvet curtains are lined with durable materials to ensure a quality look and lightweight look. London Curtains provide high quality chenille curtains and it should be perfect for any of our other classic furniture collections.

Richly colored and textured cotton velvet curtains create a nice atmosphere of smooth luxury wherever they are hung. The abundant fabric effectively darkens in the windows of all sizes and quiets the room, making velvet panels ideal for the living room, home, office, dining room, or bedroom.

We respect customer’s satisfaction, Arrange the pillows on the sofa or draw the material with small accents like a stylish throw-able blanket on the arm or back of the sofa. Install velvet curtains on a curtain rod in a modern material such as aluminum or brushed brass to complete the look. Velvet and chenille available in all favorite colors, including luxurious gold and stunning silver.

The sheer and voile curtains are an absolute fit for our modern homes. They can make your room and home look modern, bright, and stylish.

Special features

•Soft and voluptuous look
•Cosy or luxurious feel

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