Aluminium venetian blinds

Aluminium venetian blinds of London curtains

Aluminum venetian blinds are very popular for homes or offices across London. They provide contemporary style and match with a different color scheme.

Aluminum Venetian blinds London suppliers fitters from London Curtains can provide you with the best quality made to measure Venetian blinds at great prices.

We stock stylish aluminum Venetians in 74 different colors, including black, silver, and white aluminum Venetian blinds. You can choose plain, brushed, perforated, hammered, woodline, and metal Venetian blinds.

You will be devastated to choose the look you can create with these blinds. We can order your fit new blind throughout the UK, for your business or homes in under two weeks.

Explore our comprehensive range aluminium venetian blinds

Our special aluminum venetian blinds are made to measure, which means London Curtains can order blinds based on the exact dimensions of your windows.

Built to measure Venetian blinds is a great investment, offers the best quality and lasting fit, where you can get more control over how much light you should allow and the atmosphere of your room.

Our perfect fit aluminium venetian blinds

Aluminum Venetian blinds are the greatest option for getting privacy. The rotating slat design allows you to adjust your blind to daylight and prevents a direct view of your home. As the slates move, they can be opened inwards or outwards or closed completely to the left. A brake or cord lock mechanism, hidden in the upper casing, allows you to pull the blinds up.

Alternatively, you can drop them out of the way or keep them in a stack on top of the blind frame. With Venetian blinds, the stack is at the top of the window, because all the slates will be in place when the blinds are completely up.The stack of aluminum blinds is always very small when compared to wooden Venetian blinds. A low-height door. Aluminum blinds are non-toxic and long-lasting. It is made of naturally-occurring elemental aluminum. It is an excellent material for window covering.

Special features
• Complete light level control
• Easy to clean with no chemicals
• Lightweight and flexible
• Child safety
• Motorized control option

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