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Enrich your windows with our bespoke blinds

Curtains London is the ultimate destination if you are looking for a collection of bespoke blinds that bestows functionality, quality of fabrics and exemplary designs in the UK. With our versatile collection, we can offer numerous styles that enhance your interiors. Whatever your need be, whether a fully automated electric drape or a highly functional blind, our experts can thoroughly guide you throughout the process. We can suggest various options suitable for you, including the styles, colour schemes, and the ideal fabric. Our seasoned executives can also make sure that your blinds services are well executed.

If you have the measurements for your windows, we can give you a quote through email and proceed further if you are interested.

We have diligently invested our resources to provide the highest quality of made-to-measure products tailored according to the customer's needs. Rest assured, a product designed by London Curtains can last for a long time. Our team is highly adept in designing and installing a customized solution for any window. You can now confidently install several elegantly designed drapes in your home or office in London at an affordable price.

Adorn your doors with the perfect blinds

Even though the name door blinds sounds simpler, installing the same is not easier as it appears. Nowadays irrespective of the place and tradition, French doors and sliding glass doors are trendsetters all around the world. Setting a door with a large opening at the front and also for the patio widens up the space and makes the room look spacious.

But the challenge is to select the best door blinds to ensure safety and privacy when closed. Also unlike other blinds, installing a door blind should be done only by the experts who are omniscient in this work. And we assure you this with our meticulous workers. We can also install our bespoke day and night blinds on your glass doors as blinds, so that a most effective system is achieved. They assure privacy during the day with the provision to enjoy as much light as you need, while you can block out the light whenever desired.

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Our Spectacular World of Vertical Day and Night Blinds

Vertical day and night blinds combine the delicacy of voile with the versatility of rotating louvers. These products are perfect for both windows and doors. This blind features two characteristics, light filtering and light blocking, thus performing the function of two products. At day time, an open blind filters the light entering the room while at night it assures total privacy when closed.

Vertical day and night blinds are an ideal option for room divider and also are perfect to drape on a patio door. This innovative design helps you to amble through the blinds between your spaces

Now, if you are captivated by the collection we possess, just contact us. We can help you install your favourite bespoke curtains that fulfill both your needs and desire, in the most economical way. Installing a blind which is on demand for decades assures you that the model of your blinds will never go outdated.

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