Ideas for kitchen curtains and blinds in London

kitchen curtains

Kitchen curtains are such a beautiful idea but raise some serious questions. Regardless of whether your kitchen faces a public road or a neighbouring house, sometimes we like some privacy when cooking a feast.

Window covers like bespoke blinds and curtains have a lot of potentials to add to your decor, especially in the kitchen.

These days there are so many stunning ideas to decorate your kitchen windows flawlessly, from dramatic full-length curtains to complete roman blinds to strong patterns and simple lines.

There are many things to look for when fitting window coverings in a kitchen, but once done, you get a lot of visual and practical benefits.


The length of the kitchen curtain or blinds you choose depends not only on the side of the window frame but also on the rest of the room decoration. Of course, the short windows you find above the basins or cabinets limit you to finding something that fits the space.

Hanging full-length curtains can look timeless and beautiful with a simple fabric or make a bold impression to pin the rest of the decoration around.

However, once you have determined the optimal height for your windows, be sure to pay special attention to the drop to the millimetre. Blinds and curtains less than a centimetre from the floor or window sill can ruin your window dressing altogether.


This is a crucial criterion when choosing the best kitchen window covering for you, but it mainly comes down to how you use your kitchen, which only you can know.

The best compromise between allowing natural light and maintaining good privacy is to use lightweight and complete fabrics for your kitchen curtains or blinds. Even sheer fabrics resist the possibility of looking into the eyes of neighbours.

Absolutely kitchen blinds can prevent unsightly views at certain times of the day or block direct sunlight.

3.Patterns and prints

Choosing whether to go with something or a pattern for your kitchen window falls on personal preferences and tastes, but there is more to this decision than just finding a fabric you like.

If you've chosen something a little more fun, bright, busy and fun in your overall kitchen decor, or if you live by a simple rule, that's the place for you.

4.Ready-made or bespoke

Many new builds and new kitchen extensions are standard sized frames, making it easy to purchase ready-made window covers at most retailers. It is very easy to find the right drop length with attached roman blinds and curtains.

However, if you’ve got an old-fashioned property to work with, you’ll have beautiful and unique window sizes and odd sizing complexities. It’s always great for you to get some bespoke for your kitchen windows.


The practical wisdom is to put curtains in your kitchen that can be easily cleaned. You need to choose a fabric that resists a good wash and a curtain or blind design that easily separates from the railings or runners.

If you don't want to use the dry cleaning method, it means you refuse the super-luxury products. While hygiene is one of the most annoying criteria, cleaning is a crucial factor when looking for ideas for your kitchen curtains. Therefore, such curtains are sure to last a long time.

6.A key factor is the colour combination

Colour combination is the key factor for making curtains or blinds in your kitchen. Nothing is better than one that conflicts with the room you create, so take your time considering the appropriate fabrics, shades, colour balance, and the piece that carries the piece in that space.

Curtains created in your favourite colour patterns give you a nice atmosphere in the kitchen.

You can keep these pointers in your mind to help find the best blinds and curtains in your kitchen. Curtains London offers kitchen curtains in patterns in the colours of your choice.