Latest Dining Room Curtain Ideas for your Home

Dining Room Curtain

The Covid 19 pandemic had set all our gatherings into hold in such a way that even the introverts fell into depression with a monotonous lifestyle. With none to visit us, almost all of us would have ignored renovations and decorations of our room interiors.

Now the situation has changed and it's high time for a safe party at our homes. This is the right time to bring innovations to your dining room and redecorate this long-neglected room at last. Starting with the dining room curtains would be the best option as it opens up into a world of hope and survival. The options for dining room curtains are infinite. So here we have chosen a few trendsetter models which are popular around the world.

Top 6 Curtain Ideas depending on your Dining Space

1.Farmhouse Dining Room Curtain Idea

Kitchy rooster prints are old-fashioned. Modern farmhouses are decorated with more practical, classy and comfortable elements, like the exposed beams, wooden floorings and weathered finishes. So when it’s for a farmhouse dining room, choose curtains in a textured fabric that let light in.

2.Modern Dining Room Curtain Idea

Modernity should never be misunderstood with a cold and industrial approach. An inviting dining space could be created by combining modern furniture and fixtures with warm paint and wooden flooring. If accented with a light-grommet top curtain panel, your dining space entice your guests to cherish a cosy dinner time.

3.Casual Dining Room Curtain Idea

Casual style is an always-on-demand fashion. Whether it’s a coordinated look with minimalist decor or a mix-and-match feel, casual style is eye-captivating! A red pocket panel over a roman shade, which controls privacy pairs up to a perfect casual space.

4.Contemporary Dining Room Curtain Idea

Contemporary designs are the most loved pattern. A contemporary style features soft, rounded lines in neutrals with punches of colour. A pinch pleat curtain is a perfect blend of classic style with modern fabric and hues.

5.Eclectic Dining Room Curtain Idea

If your tiny dining space lacks punch, why don’t you consider going big with bright floor-to-ceiling panels? Avoid heavier drapes and dramatic statements. Go for a light weighted vibrant bespoke blind to enhance the appeal of the room.

6.Breakfast Nook Curtain Idea

When it’s not party time, but cosy family time, who wouldn’t like to spend it a cosy breakfast nook or eat-in-kitchen with their beloveds? Luxury curtains with light gauzy panels give the illusion of space and let in the concealed views of the outdoors.

6.Dining Curtain Style Guide: Guide: 5 Best Designs

There are a few factors that are to be considered while selecting the curtain style for a room. Choosing the best always requires an expert opinion. So here we are with a comprehensive guide to the different types of curtains for your dining area.

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1.Heavy Formal Drapes

These drapes are best suitable for formal dramatic dining spaces with large chandeliers, candles and long dinner abound. These luxury curtains radiate splendour magnificently. Heavy fabrics like velvet or lined silk go well with the dining room arrangement. Thick wooden poles can be used to hang these drapes, which can be covered with an upholstered pelmet to add more drama.

2.Swags and Tails

Introduced during Victorian times, Swags and Tails is still the ultimate style for a traditional window dressing. Drape your windows with these bespoke blinds to make you feel as if you are living in a formidable manor house. Breathtaking swags can be created with chintz, cotton and linen blends, that too in floral motifs or jacquard weaves. The curvy lines are ensured with dress curtains held back with tiebacks that have a separate lining that is drawn closed to not disturb the look.

3.Simple Sheers

Being classy never gets outdated. If you are in search of a simple and elegant curtain design for your dining area, there is no better option than a floaty sheer curtain. Installing a linen or cotton sheer curtain hanged by a wrought iron rod with a pretty iron finial makes the dining area look more spacious and calm thereby encouraging a long lazy lunchtime with your loved ones. Although they are light weighted, sheers never compromise on privacy.

4.Dependable French Pleat

Pleated curtains always add an exquisite statement to a dining room particularly on larger windows and also for sliding glass doors. A wide variety of pleats are available in the curtains London market. These include pinch pleats, box pleats, goblet pleats, pencil pleats and many more.
Suited to both formal and informal dining spaces, you can have pinch pleat curtains in any fabric. The fullness of the curtain is determined by the number of pleats. Choose your favourite fabric hang it on a gold traverse curtain rod for an appealing finish.

5.Eyelet (Grommet) Curtains

Eyelet or grommet curtains reflect the contemporary modern style. Grommets are the open rings used to support the panels. The grommets become an excellent choice as it makes the use of curtains easier. The only factor you need to consider and take care of is the material used as the curtain rod and finials should be aesthetically attractive as the curtain hardware is easily visible while using grommets.

It is intelligent to choose an eyelet curtain on a stainless steel pole with simple finials for a minimalist look. Almost all fabrics are acceptable in this curtain design, and the eyelet design ensures that the curtain folds are at regular intervals. When it comes to durability, lined eyelet curtains are more durable as the lining protects the fabric and reduces wear.