Top 6 Dining room curtain ideas for your room


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Not inspired by your dining room window treatments? Here are some six dining room curtain ideas for your home

Farmhouse dining room curtain ideas

Modern farmhouse decor owes itself to practical and comfortable elements, exposed beams, wood flooring, and weather finishes. For farmhouse dining rooms, choose curtains made of textured fabrics.

Modern dining room curtain ideas

If your decor is modern, it does not mean that your dining room should look cool and industrial. Combining modern furniture and furnishings with warm paint and wood flooring creates a tired space.

Acquired with light grommet top curtain panels, this modern dining room invites your guests to enjoy an attractive night out.

Casual dining room curtain ideas

Casual style is seen through the eyes of the beholder. Whether you go for an attractive look or an ideal fit, everyone loves a casual dining room. This looks like a pair of pocket panels over roman shades to control privacy.

Contemporary dining room curtain ideas

In contrast to modern design, the contemporary style features soft and rounded lines in neutral with a colour punch. Pinch pleated curtains combine the classic style with modern fabrics and colours.

Breakfast nook curtain ideas

If you have a breakfast or dining kitchen, space may be at a premium. The light-selective, elegant panels give the illusion of space and allow for excellent outdoor views.

How to choose dining room window treatments

How you choose window treatments for any space depends on the size and decoration of your room. Whether your area is large or small, whether casual or traditional, there are many types of curtains to choose from.

Here are some ideas to keep in mind when choosing curtains for your dining room.

Coordinate your curtains

If your dining room extends from your kitchen, coordinate the window treatments for an attractive look.

Match your curtains with accessories

Matching your table linens to your door blinds offers a few extra ponchos.

Unite rooms

Matching your living room curtains and dining room window treatments creates a unified living space. Use Layer curtains over shades if privacy is an issue.

Consider curtain length

If long curtains do not work in your dining room, consider apron-length or cafe curtains.

Hang your dining room curtains easily with London curtains

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