Your bedroom windows need covers not only for privacy but also for style. A way to add some extra flair, color, and texture with a valence, swag, or cornice that transcends the more useless curtains or blinds. What is the difference between these window treatments and which one is best for your room? To help you decide, here is a list with some great examples.

Valance is a type of curtain that hangs from the top of a window to hide other window treatment hardware and add softness, color, and pattern. A simple valence is the most basic and common treatment; This is usually just a slip of fabric attached to the rod with clip rings or a rod pocket.

Simple valences can be used alone or layered compared to other window Treatments in London. Soft collections and folds are great with any casual decor style.

More formal and traditional than the simple valance, the box-pleated valance hangs directly above the window, thanks to its stitched plates. It is usually attached to the window with an L-shaped rod. The Box-Pleated Valance is a classic design suitable for traditional bedroom styles or old-world forms such as Tuscan or British colonial. Choose a valance that matches your bed for the most formal look, or go a little more casual with a valence that varies in color or pattern.

Fancy Valances offers a very diverse and popular way to add a lot of polish to the look you want. They can be highly customized or simply kept. London Curtains will address the basic categories below.

Valances over drapes: Adding a Valence to your Drapery will add size, texture, and style to the Drapery panels.

Ascot valance

These are the more attractive and formal valence styles used in the draperies. Ascot-shaped valances designed to be used with Curtains or drops give a touch of elegance and class. These variations are often made of fancy materials such as silk and velvet and can be decorated with tassels, fringe, and other embellishments.

Stand-alone valances

Stand-alone valence is the perfect addition to wear windows with blinds or shades, adding a simple yet elegant touch.

Balloon valances

As the name implies, this type of valance gives the fabric of the balloons a completely extruded look. Balloon valances are usually made of lightweight cotton materials and come in different colors and prints.

Swag valances

Swag is a wide window treatment that hangs in brackets and draws across as a material that can be painted over a window, with tails hanging on each side. You can use any type of fabric for these variations of Curtains London.

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