Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb Blinds of London Curtains

Honeycomb blinds are one of the most innovative shading solutions here at London Curtains. They are part of our pleated window blind range that works similarly while providing better energy efficiency. These cellular shades are designed to act as a thermal barrier. Ideal for double-folding or sliding doors, the honeycomb and structure fall into the trap within each cell, which delays heat transfer between the window and the room. London Curtains can also cover our honeycomb with our ultra smart technology for powered operation. When not needed, you can pull out any honeycomb blinds you like by pressing a single button on the remote or wall-mounted panel.

Explore our comprehensive range of Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds are available in a range of opacities including semi-opaque, and opaque. If you want greater light control and privacy, you can choose semi-opaque. For maximum room darkening, especially blackout, then choose opaque. With such a versatile range of light control options, honeycomb shades are used in every room in your home. There are many advantages to honeycomb shades,and also London Curtains provide high quality. The special design of cellular shades means that there are no slates to open and close like a horizontal blind, allowing you to shine or see light. The honeycomb blind is the perfect solution for your bedrooms or other light-sensitive rooms when combining with our other blackout fabrics.

A unique addition to your space with Honeycomb blinds

Honeycomb blinds provide a premium control of privacy and heat control with a warm and cozy feel to any room. London Blinds provide a quick installation process for the products. These light filtering blinds will keep you cool in the summer and take the edge off in the winter, allowing a soft light wash to filter everything out properly and keep the light and air in your home. Our honeycomb window shades are harder working and make them our ultimate energy saver. Each pocket is lined with aluminum strips to reflect more heat and give you overall blockout protection. Some honeycomb blinds are motorized. Motorized honeycomb blinds are becoming more and more popular interior decoration blinds in hotels and high end residences. The motorized blinds has one of the categories of our blind section.

Special Features

• Cordless option for child safety
• Noise reduction
• Light blocking abilities
• Top down bottom up options for lighting and privacy management
• Superior insulation

All Fujikawa Japan Curtain Motors and Tubular Motors come with a 12 year replacement guarantee.